ALL Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Managers who will be helping out in the dugout or on the field during league games must pass a background check.  To submit a background check, click the link below to log into your family account and click the button labeled "Register Coach >>" located next to your name.  Then select 'Fall 2014 Rec Baseball', then select Coach Registration, and complete the registration form (approx. 45-60 seconds). Your background check will then be submitted automatically.
Don't forget to list the team name and age group you will be helping out with!


9-28-2014- 10U LADY STORM '03 named CHAMPIONS in 3rd straight tournament!!!!!!  On September 27-28, the 10U Lady Storm '03 went 6-2. outscoring opponents 64-24, to be named Champions of the ASE September Smash Tournament in Burleson! Yes, ladies and gentlemen...this is a VERY good team.  Congratulations, Lady Storm!!!

9-22-2014 - 11UAA STORM (Haynes) named CHAMPIONS!!  On September 21, the 11UAA STORM won the 11UAA Championship in the 2014 Matt Dozier Benefit Tournament in Grand Prairie!  Congratulations, 11UAA STORM!

9-22-2014 - 13UAA STORM (Burris) wins 2nd Place!! On September 21, the 13UAA STORM came back from a 15th place pool finish (out of 27) to win 2nd Place in the Top Flights Championship in the 2014 Matt Dozier Benefit Tournament in Grand Prairie!  Congratulations, 13UAA STORM!

9-15-2014 - IFA/VTD ranks 10U LADY STORM '03 as #1 team in all age brackets!

9-14-2014 - 10U LADY STORM '03 named CHAMPIONS Again!!!!  On September 13-14, the 10U Lady Storm '03 went undefeated AGAIN, to be named Champions of the GPGSA's 'Peace, Love, and Softball' Tournament in Grand Prairie!  

9-7-2014 - The HVABSA 12U Magic girls rec softball team named CHAMPIONS of the LEAYSA 12U Tournament!!  The team went 5-0 against some tough competition to win a close championship game!  Congratulations, Magic!

9-7-2014 - The HVABSA 12U Shockwave girls rec softball team win 2nd Place in the LEAYSA 12U Tournament!! Congratulations, Shockwave!!

9-6-2014 - 10U LADY STORM '03 named CHAMPIONS!!!!  On September 6, 2014, the 10U Lady Storm '03 went undefeated, outscoring opponents 39-7 to be named Champions of the AGSA Sayonara Summer Slam Tournamemt in Arlington.  

8-14-2014 - 14U LADY STORM named CHAMPIONS!!!  On July 26th, 2014, The 14U Lady Storm went 6-0, outscoring opponents 49-12 to be named CHAMPIONS at the AGSA Sweat-N-Bullets Slam Tournament in Arlington!  Way to go LADY STORM!!!

7-30-2014 - 15U Girls Rec Softball is here!! HVABSA has reached an agreement with our Rec-Softball Interlock partners to modify 14U girls rec-softball to 15U.  This means that if your softball player is still 15 on January 1, 2015, she will be able to play rec-softball for another year!!

Field Status at Unity Park
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Rainout Line: 972-738-9555


Click here for Rainout lines for all other fields in the area.  If you are unsure if your field is open or not, please contact your coach.

Please send all inquiries to us via: info@hvabsa.com. Please allow a few days for response.  For immediate assistance please click here to contact the appropriate board member directly.



We would like to ask our parents to please clean up the area around the stands after every game. Simply remind each other to dispose of trash in the provided cans when you leave the stands. Less garbage laying around makes our park more enjoyable for everyone!!  Please help us keep our relationship with the city strong!