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HVABSA Premier League’s mission is to provide volunteer coaches who work with players of all ability levels, provide opportunities to learn the aspects of teamwork, character, courage, loyalty, respect for authority and self-discipline; to understand and embrace the principle that the development of exceptional athletic skills and winning games is secondary to the development of young citizens. Our organization is made up entirely of volunteers, many of whom work year round to make sure our mission is carried out.

The Premier Baseball Program provides a higher level of play for recreational baseball players. The Premier program is a recreational baseball program and the Premier season begins and ends with the recreational baseball season. Premier teams play interlock baseball with other Premier teams from surrounding organizations. Playing on a Premier team may incur additional charges to cover the cost of uniform items.

Prior to each season, all registered players, who wish to try out and are not on a protected recreational team roster, are required to undergo a skills evaluation. Players interested in playing on a Premier team must try out each season; there are no protected rosters for Premier teams, with the exception of the head coach and one assistant coach’s sons. Players who tryout for a Premier team may also be on a recreational team's protected roster and in the event the player does not make a Premier team they can revert back to that team's protected roster. Tryouts must be held well in advance of the formation of regular recreation teams so that any players that go Premier can be replaced through a draft.

Anyone interested in coaching a Premier team must be an experienced coach and must submit an application for each season in which they would like to coach. The Premier director and VP of Recreational Baseball will select the coach for each Premier team. The Premier coach must have a child with the appropriate skill level to play on the coach's team.

The Premier team will be chosen based on the individual player's ranking from the skills evaluation, but drafting for the team must be done by position. For example, the team should carry true infield and out field players, true catchers and pitchers, much the same way we have began drafting our All Star Teams. An experienced Storm coach will assess skills with no interest in the outcome of the evaluation (a Storm coach in a different age group). The top 10 players from the skills assessment will form the first Premier team for each age group.

Any players who do not make a Premier team and are not on a protected roster will go into a player draft to be drafted to a team in a coach's draft to be held shortly after the skills evaluation. No players will be allowed to play on a Premier team without participating in the skills evaluation. There will be no exceptions. All players participating in the skills evaluation must be registered with HVABSA as a recreational baseball player in the current season. The Premier season will end with the recreational baseball season and will not carry over into the all-star season. All recreational baseball players, including Premier team players, are eligible to try out for the all-star team for their age group.