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HVA Baseball offers an experience that fosters positive self-esteem, team spirit, and individual growth through personal achievement and as a team member. We are committed to the development of athletic capability and sportsmanship by focusing on teaching the fundamentals of baseball in an environment that supports all skill levels.

Our mission is to mold our teams into not only great athletes, but also great young men.  The discipline our players learn from our baseball experience will extend into their daily lives and the success they achieve from hard work and perseverance through adversity will teach life lessons that will extend far beyond the diamond. 

In HVA baseball, we run two seasons, fall and spring.  

The fall season is more developmental; there is no end-of-season tourney or All Star tourneys.  There are typically no player tryouts to form teams. 

Typically practices begin mid/late August, the season start is usually after Labor Day and until the end of October or early November.  

Spring season focuses on development as well, but there is a an end-of-season tourney for each division, and all star tourneys for ages 7U-14U. In the spring, we allow coaches to "hold or protect" a determined number of players and the rest of the players go into a tryout and draft process.  This will hopefully allow the teams to be as evenly competitive as possible.  

Typically registration closes around the end of Jan; tryouts are in early February, teams form and begin practices mid-Feb and games begin early or mid-March.  The season usually ends in mid-May and our end-of-season tourney is in late May.  All Star tryouts go on in late April or early May, and All Star tourneys run from Memorial Day Weekend through the end of June. 

Fall and spring schedules are subject to change and weather dependent.  We strive to do our best, but the weather controls so much in outdoor sports.